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Lifestyle - Physicality - Mindset 


The coaching platform that goes beyond exercise.



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The  HOME | LAB  Concept


Home|Lab Personal Training is a values based adaptable coaching programme that looks to cultivate longevity + purpose through a sustainable structure.

physical and mental investment in yourself. I work with a values based approach that maximises your individual potential.


I structure unique PT Programmes that look to take you beyond exercise by implementing the 3 Home|Lab Pillars:


Lifestyle, Physicality + Mindset.


This is a practical yet holistic programme that personalises its structure to cultivate a physically strong body and mentally resilient mind. 


There are 4 main components to the Home|Lab Personal Training Concept that will facilitate your personal short + long term goals:







No quick fixes, no gimmicks, just a solid  scientifically backed progressive programme that reflects your values.

What my

Clients Say

“Before working with Ami I felt intimidated to go in to a gym, I hadn't exercised in years and my goal was to lose fat, which I assumed would help me feel a bit better about myself.  Those things did happen, but working with Ami has done far more for me than that.

The programs she develops for me give me the perfect level of challenge, and a great sense of achievement. She's also worked with all of my quirks (exercises I felt like I couldn't do, places I didn't want to go) and somehow I now find myself enjoying the things I thought I couldn't do, and happy in the places I initially refused flat out to go to. She's part PT and part life coach.

As it happens I have met the goal I initially had, which was to be a specific clothing size.  I couldn't be more surprised to say that the importance of that goal has hugely receded for me as the other achievements (health improvements, new skills and a sense of wellbeing) are what drive me now.  Ami's work is absolutely what has got me here.”

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