Where do I Start?









Whether you’re contemplating, or you’re ready to go, this 30 minute chat can help you identify goals and obstacles.

Sometimes the amount of information available on training, nutrition and rest can feel overwhelming and unclear. This consultation is designed to align with your current situation for me to understand how I can help you.

I’ve structured the chat to formulate ideas about what is relevant for you and how online Group or 1:1 PT services can help with that. 





If you are ready to commit to 5 weeks, 8 weeks a subscription of Online 1:1 HOME|LAB Personalised Coaching Programme, this 30-45 min consultation will introduce the HOME|LAB pillars  and concepts and how we’ll factor these into your programming.

If you opt for the Team Training Option, the consolation will introduce you to the 5-week team programme and how it is structured.


Together we will dissect the purpose of your current imposed/values based goals, any obstacles you face, and discuss the practical parameters. We’ll look at rituals that can benefit  your short and long term goals and look at the tools that can help with this.





I’ll design a programme that personalises the Home|Lab concepts to complement your lifestyle, work and home environment.

Nutrition guidance and tools for lifestyle changes will be included alongside your training plan.

Once you receive your programme, we’ll check in for any questions.

For Team Training the programme will be partially tailored and you'll receive basic nutritional guidance and weekly online technique labs and WhatsApp support together with your team.


You can train alone, or book virtual sessions sessions with me for remote 1:1 via Zoom/Whatsapp.

In person training is available in London at the W Hotel Gym in Piccadilly Circus or Pure Fitness Personal Training Studio in Hoxton.






My Client-PT relationship is based on trust, and my job is to make sure you feel safe and happy with your programme.

To encourage accountability and progress, we will schedule regular check-ins:


Each personalised plan includes 3 check ins:


Starting Point: 

On receiving the programme, we’ll go through the details and any queries you have.


Midway Point: 

Halfway through the programme, we’ll check in to assess your experience of the programme  and your progress.

Home|Lab programming always allows space for any adjustments as needed.


Conclusion Point:

Once you have completed the programme, we’ll review your journey and discuss the next steps for you.

If you need more support during your programme, I offer more regular remote support as an additional subscription.

Team training functions on weekly group check ins and WhatsApp support throughout.