A word on Now- COVID 19 + Time


“Temporary Circumstances can still Cultivate Long term growth”


These are challenging times, and your body and mind will be responding to the potential changes in your day to day work and social life.


These circumstances are, like any other period in life, temporary , and we as a species are both creatures of habit- but also  geared towards adapting. Choices you make now can still cultivate long term growth as you continue to adapt to your new normal.

With extra time on your hands it may be tempting to jump in at the deep end with a fitness regime. Extreme transformation programs may be quick but not necessarily the healthiest  and are not  physically and mentally sustainable long term.

We each come with our own unique physical and mental blueprint,  and my goal is to help you understand, invest and caters towards it.


Home lab was conceptualised during Covid 19 Lockdown to allow for personalised programmes, virtual coaching and lifestyle change support to continue under rest


(not at) HOME | LAB transfers this concept into a 1:1 in person basis in a Training studio or gym environment.


A mix of both is often a great choice if you require flexibility in your routine and enjoy a good structure around your programme.











About me



My name is Ami.


I am a Personal Trainer with almost a decade’s experience as a fitness professional.

My belief is that the approach to training is an individual endeavour which can translate into a long term lifestyle that is unique and right for you.


No two people are the same, and you deserve a unique programme that ticks YOUR boxes, not someone else’s!


The goals that you come in with will not be the ones that you leave with. As a 1:1 online trainer, my job is to facilitate and adapt your journey to your circumstances in a way that resonates with you and your values.


I am a NASM Internationally Certified Level 4 PT, Six3Nine Academy Advanced PT graduate , BIRTHFIT Pre and Post Natal Coach a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher. My certifications include Behaviour Change and Sports Nutrition. I am also a Strength + Fitness Coach at London Fitness Boutique, ‘Sweat it’ + Six3Nine PT’s Yoga Instructor.